Comic Book Collection

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Iron Man 1 - American, Mexico, Australia

 photo IronMan1_Mexico_Australia.jpg

Spiderman 129 - American, German, French Canadian, Brazilian, Italian, Dutch, Mexican (newer), Mexican (older), Greek, Brazil (newer), UK, Former Yugoslavia, Greek(newer), Sweden, Denmark, Finland, French

31490508_2104881919780491_1242045662296539136_o (1)
Tec 400 - American, Mexican, Brazilian,

 photo TEC400_Mexican_Brazil.jpg

Batman 244 - American, Mexican, Brazilian, Australian

 photo Bats_mexican_Brazil_Aussie.jpg

Batman 234 - Mexican, Brazilian, Arabic

 photo Batman_Mexico_Brazil_Arabic.jpg

Worlds FInest 211 - Filipino(NB), Arabic

 photo Worldsfinest211_Phillapines_Arabic.jpg

Batman 227 - American, Mexican, French, Brazilian(older), Australian, Brazilian(newer)

 photo Batman227_Australia_tiptop.jpg

Spawn 1 - American, Italian, South African, French, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Mexican, Greek, German, Dutch, Bulgarian, Brazil, Swedish, Spanish, Norway, FInland, Denmark, Australia, Hungary

 photo Spawn1_bottomrow.jpg

Marvel Spotlight 5 - American, Italian


Ghost Rider 1 - American, Italian, Mexico, Finland

 photo GhostRider1_Italy_Mexico_De.jpg

Ghost Rider 1 V2 - American, Italian,

 photo GhostRider_1V2_Italian.jpg

Sandman 1 - American, Australian


Wolverine 1 Limited - American, Dutch, Finnish, Brazilian, Sweden, Mexico

 photo Wolvie1_Sweden_Mexico.jpg

Wolverine 2 Limited - American, Brazilian


Wolverine 3 Limited - American, Brazilian


Wolverine 4 Limited - American, Brazilian


Wolverine 1 - American, Italian, Spain, Brazilian, Indonesian

 photo Wolverine1_indonesia.jpg

Spiderman 50 - Mexican, German, Dutch, Argentina, Italian

 photo SPidey1stKingpin_Mexico_Ger.jpg
 photo spiderman_1stkingpin_italia.jpg

Punisher 1 Limited - American, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian, Swedish, Mexican

 photo Punny_limited_swedish_Mexic.jpg

Punisher 1 - American, Spanish


Spiderman 300 - American, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Sweden, Poland, Greek, Dutch, Finnish, French

 photo Spiderman300_Swedish_Greek_.jpg
 photo Spiderman300_Finnish_French.jpg

Web of Spiderman 1 - American, Dutch, Brazilian, Sweden

 photo Web_Of_Spiderman_1_Dutch_Br.jpg

New Mutants 87 - American, Brazilian


Phantom Stranger 1 - American, Mexican


Conan 1 - American, Italian, Mexican, UK, Dutch

 photo Conan1_Italian_Mexican_UK.jpg

 photo Conan_1Dutch.jpg

Luke Cage 1 - American, Italian


Secret Wars 8 - American, Dutch, Mexican, Brazilian


Star Wars 1 - American 30cent, American 30cent reprint, Marvel Movie Special, Hasbro DarkHorse toy bundle, Whitman 3 pack, French Canadian, Greek(older), German, Dutch, Mexican, Spain(older), Spain (newer), Columbian, Greek (newer), Japanese, UK, Fillipino (Alemar bookstore), Czechoslovakia, Marvel Movie showcase Canadian price variant, Indonesian bootleg, South Africa, UK back ad, French, Arabic

 photo SW1_hasbro_starwars1.jpg
 photo StarWars1_Greek_German.jpg
 photo StarWars1_Spain_Mexico.jpg
 photo StarWars1_Japanese_UK.jpg
 photo StarWars1_Check_Canada_Indo.jpg
 photo StarWars1_Arabic_Supercomix.jpg

Tomb of Dracula 1 - American, Italian, Australian, Yugoslavian, Spanish, Swedish(newer), Spain, Swedish(old), UK, German, Mexican, Denmark(newer), Denmark(older,)Brazilian,

 photo TOD1_spanish_Swedish.jpg
 photo Tombofdracula_German_Mexica.jpg
 photo TOD1_brazil_1.jpg

Iron Man 55 - American, French Canadian, Greek


Spiderwoman 1 - American, Greek


G.I. Joe 1 - American, French Canadian, Mexican

 photo Gi_Joe1_French_Mexican_VID.jpg

Fantastic Four 52 - American, Mexican, German, Dutch

 photo FF52_mexican_german_dutch-1.jpg

Superman 236 - American, Mexican, Swedish, Australian, Danish, Arabic, Dutch

 photo Supes_gates_of_hell.jpg
 photo Superman236_Arabic_Dutch.jpg

Web of Spiderman 64 - American, Dutch, Greek, Mexican, Spanish, Australia

 photo 1stCloakandDagger_Dutch_Gre.jpg
 photo spidey_Spanish_Ausstralia.jpg

The Infinity Gauntlet 1 - American, Dutch, Spanish

 photo InfinityGauntlet1_Dutch_Spa.jpg

Dr. Strange 169 - American, Mexican, French Canadian, French, German

 photo DrStrange169_mexico_France.jpg
 photo DrStrange169_Germany.jpg

Dr. Strange 1 - American, Australian


Xmen 52 - American, Mexican


Xmen 103 - American, French Canadian

 photo xmen103_frenchCanadian-1.jpg

Xmen 117 - American, French Canadian

 photo xmen117_french_canadian-1.jpg

Xmen 133 - American, French Canadian, Greek

 photo Xmen133_foreignset.jpg

Spiderman 201 - American, Dutch, Mexican, French Canadian, Australia, Sweden, UK, Former Yugoslavia, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Greek, Turkey, Indonesia

 photo Spiderman201_Dutch_Mex_French.jpg
 photo spidey201_aus_Swiss_UK_Yugo.jpg
 photo 201_foreign.png
 photo spidey201_turkey_Indonrsia.jpg

Web of Spiderman 101 - American, Mexican

 photo WebofSpidey101_Mexican.jpg

Fantastic Four 48 - Mexican, German, Dutch

 photo FF1stGalactus_mexican_Germa.jpg

Jonah Hex 1 - American, Swedish

 photo JonahHex_1_swedish.jpg

Supergirl 1 - American, Swedish, Mexico

 photo Supergirl1_Sweden_Mexico.jpg

Witching Hour 1 - American, Mexican

 photo Witchinghour1_Mexican.jpg

War is Hell 1 - American, Mexican

 photo War_is_hell_1_Mexican_MACC.jpg

Demon 1 - American, Mexican

 photo Demon1_Mexican.jpg

Usagi Jo Jimbo 1 - American, Sweden

 photo Usagi_Sweden.jpg

Avengers 57 - American, Mexican, German, UK, Spain, 2nd Mexican, Danish

 photo Avengers57_Mexico_German_UK.jpg
 photo Avengers57_Spain_Mexico_Den.jpg

Xmen 266 - American, Portugal

 photo Xmen266_portugues.jpg

New Mutants 1 - American, Dutch

 photo NewMutants1_Dutch.jpg

Captain Marvel 1 - American, Mexico, Australia, Greek

 photo CaptainMarvel1_mexico_Aussi.jpg

2001 1 - American, Greek

 photo 2001_1_greek.jpg

New Gods 1 - American, Mexico

 photo NewGods_1_Mexico.jpg

Tarzan 207 - American, Filipino (NB)

 photo Tarzan1_Filipino_Nationalbo.jpg
 photo Tarzan1_Filipino_Nationa_ba.jpg

Machine Man 1 - American, Former Yugoslavia

 photo MachineMan1_Yugo.jpg

Secrets of Haunted House 1 - American, German

 photo Secrets-of-huanted-house1_G.jpg

Marvel Premier 1 - American, French Canadian, UK

 photo Marvel_Premiere1_french_UK.jpg

Fantastic Four 67 - American, UK Pence, Spain, German, Italian, Mexican

 photo FF67_uk_spain_german.jpg
 photo FF1sthim_Italian_Mexico.jpg

Spiderman 238 - French Canadian, Mexican, Greek

 photo Spidey_hobgoblin_French_Gre.jpg

Warlock 1 - American, UK

 photo Warlock1_UK_Futuretense.jpg

Spiderman 124 - Mexican, Swedish, Italian

 photo spiderman124_Mexico_Swedish.jpg

Assorted foreign Spideys -

 photo Assorted_foreign_spiderman_.jpg

Assorted Greeks - Marvel Greeks

 photo Greek_group.jpg

Assorted DC Novaro

 photo Assorted_Novaro.jpg

Assorted foreigns - Mexican Batman 101, Mexican Batman , Mexican Conan

Assorted Mexicans - La Prensa

 photo Xmen_laPrensa.jpg
 photo La_Prensaassorted.jpg
 photo laPrensa_Mexican_Thor1_Mexi.jpg

Assorted Mexicans - La Prensa/Novaro
 photo Mexican_laPrensa_Novaro_bat.jpg

Star Wars- A New Hope series - Russian

 photo StarWars_newhope_Russianset.jpg

Assorted foreigns - UK, Spain, Russian, Italian

 photo assortedforeigns4.jpg

Assorted Arabic Superman

 photo Arabic_superman_1.jpg
 photo Arabic_superman_2.jpg
 photo Arabic_superman_3.jpg
 photo Arabic_superman_4.jpg

Japanese Marvel X 1-4

 photo Japanese-Marvelx1_4.jpg